We have graduated 68 nurse practitioners (NPs) so far who are practicing across Haiti.  They are providing care to hundreds of Haitians. Now we have 40 students who started the program in the Fall 2021.

With our last cohort of students we expanded to providing education in addition to family nurse practitioners (FNPs) to mental health nurse practitioners as well.  There are painfully few psychiatric practitioners in Haiti.  These students will graduate this fall and begin working.

Two students selected from the second cohort of students are now studying at Downstate for their doctorates in nursing practice.  These students are learning online. They will have two degrees:  Doctor of Nursing Practice and a certificate in nursing education.  We expect them to take over running the program eventually.  They will be educated to find solutions to the country’s health problems.

Our next cohort of students will be studying to become FNPS, mental health nurse practitioners and nurse midwives.  We will have three groups of students who will continue providing care to the people of Haiti.