1. The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the committee. 
  2. The Chair is responsible for the overall performance of the committee and shall direct the activities of the committee only to the function for which it was appointed. 
  3. The Chair shall prepare a budget that covers the committee activities, A plan that covers specific objectives, strategies and anticipated outcomes as a result of the work of the committee
  4.  The Chair shall Report Board decisions back to the committee and ensure the implementation of such decisions as they relate to the performance of the committee.
  5. The Chair shall be responsible for the timely submission of minutes and reports of each committee meeting and resolutions approved by the committee for submission and approval by the Board
  6. The Chair shall maintain and report attendance at committee meetings on a quarterly basis to the President of PHH.
  7. The Chair shall, in addition, annually evaluate the work  of the committee its achievement, the committee plan for the following on the form of  a written annual report to the Board of Directors
  8. The Vice Chair shall act in the absence of the Chair for all of the above and  shall also perform other duties as delegated by the Chair.


1. Each member’s expertise, whether a skill or knowledge, contributes to the committee’s success.

2. Attend committee meetings

3. Actively participate in the discussion at the meetings

4. Assist in the Performance of the committee activities as directed by the chair

5. Represent the PHH and the interests of the committees to which they are assigned and serve 

    as a representative of PHH and the committee to the broader community

6. When assigned a task, it becomes each member’s duty to complete the task and report back  to the committee.

Any committee members who have not attended regular meetings or documented activities to promote the committee’s objectives for a period of 6 consecutive months will be removed from the membership list.