PHH is educating Nurse Practitioners (NP)

Most Haitians do not have access to primary care. The infant and maternal death rates are the highest in the Western Hemisphere. People routinely die of preventable and treatable diseases. Nurse practitioners can reverse these statistics by providing the care they are trained to provide.
NURSE PRACTITIONERS SAVE LIVES and the cost is miniscule. It is rare to get the kind of bang for the buck that a PHH donor gets. The cost of educating one Nurse Practitioner will save thousands of Haitian lives over the course of that Nurse’s career.


Advanced practice nursing education provides graduates with a fuller understanding of the discipline of nursing in order to engage in higher level practice and leadership in a variety of settings and commit to a lifelong learning.

Advanced practice education prepares the graduate to:

  • Lead change to improve quality outcome
  • Build and lead collaborative interpersonal care teams
  • Navigate and integrate care services across the healthcare system
  • Design innovative nursing practices
  • Translate evidence into practice.

PHH’s Family Nurse Practitioner Graduate Program is the first program of its kind in Haiti.


ENG 301 English 2nd Language I 3
INF 404 Informatics 3
ENG 302 English 2nd Language II 3
PSY 405 Psychology Throughout Life Span 3
MAT 406 Statistics 3
NUR 407 Introduction to Research 3
NUR 408 Leadership and Management 3
NUR 409 Ethics 3
NUR 410 Community Health 3
NUR 420 Social Factors Assoc. with Health 3
NUR 425 Skills Update  (including : sutures) 3
NUR 403 English Composition 3
NUR 435 Contemporary Professional Issues 3
Physical Assessment 3


NUR 510 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice 3
NUR 515 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 3
NUR 610 Pathophysiology Part I-IV 3
NUR 511 Advanced Nursing Research 3
NUR 690 Physical Examination 3
NUR 691PracticumI (2 weeks or 80 hrs. 2
NUR 651 Pharmacology  I-IV 4
NUR 693 Primary Care Adults I & II 3
NUR 694 Practicum II (2 weeks or 80 hrs.) 2
NUR 698 Primary Care Infant-Adolescents 3
NUR 699 Primary care III (2 weeks or 80 hrs.) 2
NUR 700 Primary Care Geriatrics 3
NUR 695 Women’s Health I

NUR 696 Women’s Health II

NUR 697 Practicum IV (2 weeks or 80 hrs.) 2
NUR 701 Pedagogy I & II 3
NUR 692 Interpretations of laboratory, x-rays 2
NUR 705 Practicum V (4 weeks or 200 hrs.) 4
NUR 706 Practicum VI (5 weeks or 280 hrs.) 5
NUR 720 Capstone Project 0