We appreciate your generosity!

Your donation will enable us to continue the program and meet our goals including starting a fourth class of nurse practitioner students to provide quality primary care to the people of Haiti.

Funds will be used for many purposes, including:

  • Run a Family Nurse Practitioner program, to educate nurses in primary care. This is the first such program in Haiti. This education will enable local, rural communities in Haiti to have a qualified primary care provider. These nurses will reduce rates of infant, child and maternal mortality, and provide care to the elderly and those with acute and chronic diseases.
  • Sponsor trips to Haiti for Haitian American nurses, to consult with the Ministry of Health and the Chancellor of the University of Haiti, to create a baccalaureate and a masters nursing program in Haiti.  This will be the first public BS program for nurses in Haiti.
  • Provide educational technology for the School of Nursing in Port-au-Prince. The school collapsed during the 2010 earthquake, destroying everything inside.
  • Sponsor nursing conferences in Haiti and the US.

Thank you!