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All donations benefit Promoting Health in Haiti, a not-for-profit with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, to help improve the conditions of nursing school in Haiti. Donations may be made online through Paypal or by mail via check and are tax deductible. Consider a donation in memory of, or in honor of a special nurse in your life. Thank you for joining our mission to improve nursing education in Haiti.


Or send a check to:

Promoting Health in Haiti Inc.
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Dear Friends,

The officers and the board of directors of Promoting Health in Haiti (PHH) thank you for your past contributions to our organization.  We have been an active 501c(3) in Haiti educating nurse  practitioners for over 10 years.  Our fundraising activities have been limited this past year, but our expenses have increased.  We are asking for a donation at this time.

We understand that this past year has been a challenge for all of us, but we have continued to educate Family Nurse Practitioners in Haiti.  In fact, we have even expanded our program to include Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners. Mental health treatment is a serious deficit in Haiti with less than nine psychiatrists and one neurologist for a population of over 10 million people.

PHH is also educating two of the top graduates from our first cohort at the doctoral level. These students will be taking over the program at the University of Haiti.  Students were selected based on their academic achievement in the program, their ability to speak English, and their desire to remain in Haiti and make the program sustainable.  The students are now enrolled at SUNY Downstate in the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program and attending classes online. We have been able to expand our program because of our wonderful donors.  Your donation will help us   continue our program’s expansion and eventual sustainability.   We truly appreciate your consideration.  Please review our updated history for a review of the remarkable progress we have made in Haiti.

Funds will be used for many purposes, including:

  • Run a Family Nurse Practitioner program, to educate nurses in primary care. This is the first such program in Haiti. This education will enable local, rural communities in Haiti to have a qualified primary care provider. These nurses will reduce rates of infant, child and maternal mortality, and provide care to the elderly and those with acute and chronic diseases.
  • Sponsor trips to Haiti for Haitian American nurses, to consult with the Ministry of Health and the Chancellor of the University of Haiti, to create a baccalaureate and a masters nursing program in Haiti.  This will be the first public BS program for nurses in Haiti.
  • Provide educational technology for the School of Nursing in Port-au-Prince. The school collapsed during the 2010 earthquake, destroying everything inside.
  • Sponsor nursing conferences in Haiti and the US.